Pinay Power on Tekken 7, Josie Rizal

The game that settled all arguments on who’s a better gamer when we were kids was Tekken. We all had our favorites and then we will be completely dominated by someone who mains Eddy Gordo or someone who has mastered the range of Paul’s ultimate punch. Tekken is a game of discovery. You would have to improvise, which is a euphemism of button mashing. This game brings real world cultural diversity by introducing characters like Yoshimitsu, Feng, Ganryu and Bob maybe. Stereotype and kidding aside, Tekken is the game that exhibits the beauty of martial arts. Every match is like the climactic ending of an action movie. Imagine having two masters of a certain martial arts discipline, place them on unconventional duel grounds and you have Tekken.

This game has also paved homage to movie icons. Characters like Martial Law, which has the same moves, guts and screen persona as Bruce Lee. You also have Lei Wulong, in him you can see the likeness of Jackie Chan. Both characters will be a lasting legacy for both movie and cultural icons.

Josie Rizal Tekken 7

Image source: NZGamer

After more than two decades of arcade game mastery, Tekken 7 will once again bring back and introduce three new and reworked characters that will spice up the already searing competition. Favorite characters will make their returns. One has awakened his inner demonic calling, one is a vessel for the change and lore balance and one will be a strong female character.

This will be the first time that Tekken series will be paying homage to a country’s national hero. The game’s producer and director Katsuhiro Harada has hinted that they have taken interest in developing a character that has Filipino roots. Now the long wait is over, Josie Rizal, along with Jin Kazama and Devil Jin will enter the tournament.

Tekken 7 New Characters Jin Devil Jin and Josie Rizal

A new challenger has arrived! And she cries ladies and gentlemen. But do not let her victory animation/ monologue fool you. Josie a tough chick with a flurry of mid and air combinations. Her taunts are witty and she is a master of eskrima and kickboxing. She will not be using her eskrima armaments for her fists and shin are more than enough to fend even the most absurd looking, over powered characters in the game.

Josie’s character design was done by Mad Catz’s Mark “Markman” Julio, a Filipino himself. Her back story is soon to be released, though it is evident as early as her character’s trailer that she is a resilient lady and a survivor. Josie will not be sporting the iconic wavy Jose Rizal bangs but she is modern Pinay with the right body proportions. The likeness of Rizal is limited to her name and the first look of her victory monologue can be seen as the refection of struggling Filipino lives. One of our observations is that she looks like a young Tessie Tomas and her attire is takes its inspiration from The Philippine Flag

You may unlock Jin as early as tomorrow March 31. Devil Jin will be playable on April 7 of this year and Josie has a tentative official tournament debut somewhere between the last week of May and the first week of May 2015.