Holy Week 2015: Have a Prayerful Lent

In the hustle and bustle of holy week, and in the middle of summer vacation (Hooray!), let Jesus Christ be in your midst! Remember, His sacrifices for the entire world far outweigh the sins of all humanity. He gave up His life to save all of mankind from sin. These days while most are in vacation mode (Aren’t we all!) and heading for the provinces or the sandy beaches (or to cool Baguio or Tagaytay) for the long weekend ahead, there are still those who are caught up in the religiosity and solemnity of the occasion.

The Visita Iglesia. Faithfull and devout Catholics will try to go to 7 different churches (and pray at 2 Stations of the Cross per church). For the Visita Iglesia where they reflect, venerate and pray on the untold sufferings of Jesus Christ on His way to the cross to save man and the world from sin! (This is a personal note to the devotion to the tradition!)

Visita Iglesia

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Then there is the “Cenakulo” or “Senakulo” or passion play. A religious stage play usually done in the plaza by actors dressed in full costume complete with life-sized props on top of a stage to portray Christ’s interrogation, suffering and death. A mock trial and crucifixion is re-enacted for the religious faithful.


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The “Pabasa” which is a sponsored reading and chanting narrative in the native language of the sufferings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is frequently held in the streets and usually lasts up to 3 days! This has been a dwindling practice but still exists in some provinces.


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While there are many other trivial things observed during the Lenten season. It is these three events (3) that are most practiced by Filipinos. It may test their faith individually or could just be blind obedience to the churches’ teachings.

Goods.ph in observance of the Lenten Season wishes everyone a prayerful, reflective and forgiving holy week! Please be guided that our customer support and deliveries will resume on April 6, 2015 in observance of Lent.