How to Deal with an Oily Face

The teenage years are the most difficult time for the youth, both emotionally and physically. Going through puberty has its perks but also has its struggle. One of the struggles that almost every teenager and even adults went through is dealing with an oily face.

Face oils are essential as they keep our skin moisturized. The presence of face oils actually prevents the early formation of wrinkles. However, genetics, modern diet and even emotional disposition can cause overproduction of face oils. As essential as face oils are, around summer time, it can be displeasing and our daily grooming practices leads us to resort to normal cleansing procedure, only to realize washing with soap and water is never enough.

Oily Face


You see, we have glands that control the production of face oils. By cleansing our faces with soap and water, you are leaving your skin dry. Our Sebaceous glands then produce vast amounts to compensate for the lost essential face oils.

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That’s why in dealing with an oily face and to hopefully stop acne breakouts, you must stop using plain body soaps and start:

  1. Dead skin cells also leads to the over production of face oils. They block the pores and forces the sebaceous gland to produce vast amounts of oils to create an internal force and pressure that will break through the rows dead skin cells on the surface. Both ladies and gentlemen in-the-making are encouraged by dermatologist to use this method. Take note that when rinsing exfoliates, you must use warm water as cold water closes the pores.
  2. Hormone levels are on its peak during your teenage years. Women experiences more intense hormonal activities not just because of the puberty stage but it can be prolonged due to menstruation, pregnancy and even menopause. Because of these, women are encouraged to watch their diet and control the intake of artificial drinks and oily foods. Men are also encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle and don’t eat fried goods too often.
  3. Cut down on moisturizers. Exfoliants are more than enough to ensure proper production of sebum. The more appropriate addition would be toners. Toners won’t completely close pores and still paves way for proper oil transport from glands to epidermis.
  4. Try these tips for a month and…
  5. If you believe or observe that your face is still too oily, you can consult experts.  can give you advice as well as prescription if necessary. Normally, dermatologists would advice that you use topical retinoid treatments but this method only works on just 30% of patients. You may also ask about hormonal treatments.

Get the best treatment but self projection and knowing how to carry yourself will take you a very long way on your teenage years.  Oily face is just one of the many more battles that you will face and this maybe the first battle that will make you resourceful and disciplined.