The Long Awaited Boost for Samsung J Series: Samsung Galaxy J5 and Samsung Galaxy J7

It seems like Samsung will return to its roots this 2015. After the release of the premium S6 and the S6 Edge, The leading Android Smartphone manufacturer will finally give a long overdue development on their mid tier devices as few months before their official unveiling, the specifications of the newest device addition on the Samsung’s Galaxy J series have been leaked.

Thank you random citizen for giving us a heads up on what to expect on the Samsung Galaxy J5 and the Samsung Galaxy J7. These devices will reintroduce Samsung as an alternative Android platform-before they took it upon themselves to challenge Apple Inc.

Samsung Galaxy J5

Logically, the Samsung Galaxy J5 will be released a bit earlier. The magic number is 5, which is the reported screen dimension in inch of the J5. The unit will run on quadcore Cortex-A53  processor, clocked at 1.2 Ghz.   The J5 will be equipped with a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 chip-, which was considered as one of the best chip sets of 2013. Plus a 1.5 GB RAM, this unit will be smooth and the transition speed will be faster compared to the original Samsung Galaxy J1.

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Shortly after the J5’s release, Samsung will be launching the J7. This unit share so much attributes with the Samsung i8262 Galaxy Core. The dimensions and the feel is said to be almost identical. The difference would be what’s under the hood. The J7 will have better transitions and graphics support due to the integration of a 2 GB RAM. The unit will also run on the Marvel PXA1936 octa core processor. The information leak however made us wish that the J7’s processor run on 1.5 GHz computing speeds.  The leak says that it might run on the 1.2 GHz. Both are powerful though. Octa core is a no laughing matter. This will probably the hardware that will make the Galaxy J7 have a higher market price

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Both devices will run on the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box. However, the now public also gave you the immediate thought that you might need to avail an SD card at once. Half of both the unit’s built-in digital memory hardware will be occupied by updates and further software improvements. Still, the remaining 4 GB will be enough for casual phone users. Both these units can be expanded to have 32 GB more memory.

Both will also have a 13- megapixel primary camera with a 5- mp secondary selfie platform.

The price? We consider mid- level devices as those units that are above eight thousand pesos but not exceeding 20 thousand. If the Galaxy J1 is offered at about PHP 5,500.00, and J7 will probably be sold at a higher market price, We think that it would be safe to assume that you should save 15 thousand pesos.