GoPro Hero4 Silver, The Gold Standard for POV Action Shots

The GoPro Hero4 Silver shows the company’s innovation and clever ways to give the proper identity to every new addition to their expanding product selection. GoPro has struggled to match their sales number for the first quarter of this year. Several consumer group experts even expects a significant price reduction on the line of GoPro devices, including the Hero4 Silver due to the collective, independent acts of retailers worldwide to mark down prices to lessen their inventories.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

The GoPro has made a name in manufacturing portable, lightweight action cameras. Channeling and searching for the adventurous hero in all of us might not be the best message that GoPro has come up with but the GoPro Hero 4 Silver’s specs was worth the risk. You will appreciate GoPro’s initiative of improving the overall aspect of the GoPro Hero3+ Black but the company has shown no interest of continuing with the Hero 3 series and unveiled the Hero4 Silver as a new product entirely.

Identity wise, it shares the same dimensions as the GoPro Hero3+, the Hero 4 is heavier. It is equipped with the identical 12 MP camera that will capture at a 4:3 picture ratio at 30 fps out of the box. The things you loved on the Hero3+ are all present with minor adjustments on the button placements.

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All the removable panels and ports can be found on the same spots as the Hero3 +. The Hero4 silver enjoys improved software configurations. This will exhibited on the new features such as:

1.The 1.5-inch touchscreen on back that serves as a preview panel. Has easier controls and settings. The Hero 4 Silver records the same resolution of 4K at 15 fps; 2.7K at 30 and 24 fps; 1440p at 48, 30, and 24 fps; 1080p at 60, 48, 30, and 24 fps; 960p at 100 and 60 fps; and 720p at 120, 60, and 30 fps.

2. Without the Protune settings, let the camera do the automatic adjustments for you. Designed for spelunking, this mode intuitively enables the camera to recognize the intensity of external light sources for better pictures on low lit areas and better light balance on overly well-lit environments.

3. Has a more flexible time lapse footage recording that can be adjusted to record 0.5 up to a minute interval. For 24-hour or longer time lapse exposures, you will need to a stable power source as this unit can only last for 2 and a half hours at most. The improved sensors will also deliver better low light images and footages.

4. This model introduces the QuikCapture option. Upon proper setting, you can instantly capture a photograph or take footages at moment’s notice. Through this mode, your GoPro device will act like a point and click camera that can take photos the moment you turn on the device. Another press and a two second hold activate the record function.

5. A wide angle photo capture and footage recording that has a 16:9 ratio format.

It still needs the casing attachment. This attachment adds a water-resistant frame that will protect the camera for no more than 131 feet or 40 meters. Other desirable attachments are the skeletons, adhesive mounts of curved and flat form and quick release buckles. This unit is available for a price of 18-20 thousand with other shops offering bundles, resulting to an extra P 5,000.00 or more.