3 Best Beautifying Smartphone Apps

Are you addicted to posting your selfie? Speaking of selfie, do you always find yourself modifying your real look using some apps so that you can have an Instagram-worthy post? Editing too much of your photos can really be a self-insult because you’re modifying your real appearance based on society’s taste. Instead of downloading those memory and space-wasting apps, why not download apps that will really improve your overall beauty?

  1. Skin Care App

Available on Android Google Play

This app provides you the best skin care tips and routines you must practice to improve the appearance and health of your skin. The tips and routines loaded in this app are reader-friendly and won’t consume much of your time rather than reading tedious 1500-word magazine articles about skin care. With Skin Care app, taking care of your skin is easier, effective and on-the-go.

Skin Care App


Skin Care App

  1. SkinBetter

Available on iOS App Store

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Your handy dermatologist – that’s how SkinBetter serves you. All you have to do is to upload your selfie sans filter, and SkinBetter will analyze your skin. Once the app is done with the analysis, it will give recommendations of products you should purchase to enhance your skin.

Skin Better Skin Analyzer Smartphone App

  1. Misfit Shine

Available on iOS App Store and Android Google Play

Disclaimer: Before you fully enjoy this app, make sure that you get Misfit Shine and Flash at www.misfit.com. Okay, moving forward, this app simply tracks your sleep cycle, fitness routine, and your food intake. All in all, Misfit is your one-stop app that improves your health that will maintain your natural beauty.

Misfit Shine Smartphone App

Misfit Shine Smartphone App

If you download the apps we enumerated above, we guarantee that in time, you will really look your best and you will have a selfie-friendly beauty without the help of photo-edit apps.