Life is Grand with the LG G4 Mobile Phone Full Specs

Have you touched a real sword?  Because having the newest casing version for the LG G4 will give you that impression. It has the same feel as a wallet, but “sword” is sooo much cooler. Besides, the G4 is cutting edge 21st century communication device. A cunning, intuitive device armed with the latest Android Operating system configuration and the combined processing prowess of only the best mechanical pieces.

LG G4 Mobile Phones

Having the leather casing is just the icing, and we know not everyone loves icing. Persuading and courting buyers will have to be more that having a chic casing. It’s good that LG values prospective customer’s research and respects the current market demand. A way of showing recognition is by reinforcing their new flagship device’s camera. Compared to its predecessors, which is the LG G3, a significant change in camera megapixel grade has been made. The G3’s combination of 13 MP primary back camera and a 2.1 MP secondary front camera will be just a thing of yesterday. Enter the 16 MP back camera and the 8 MP front photo capture hardware on the LG G4.  LG would have to change what their brand stands for. The G4 is not just good, it is not great…it is GRAND!

LG G4 Mobile Phone Camera

Giving it the grand performance is the combined power of the Qualcomm MSM8992 Snapdragon 808 chipset. Processing strain is divided within the device’s dual-core 1.82 GHz Cortex-A57 & quad-core 1.44 GHz Cortex-A53 Central Processing Unit. You will also find the GPU Adreno 418 GPU and the 3 GB RAM under the hood.

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The LG G4 has that crisp 5.5-inch, 2560 x 1440 pixel screen display. The G4 will have a slight bent design that the manufacturer claims to add 20 percent protection against complete destruction. Other tests deliberately busted the screen but the G4 still worked, but do not do that to your G4.

LG G4 Mobile Phone


The better screen pixilation and graphics support also resulted in what LG calls as the “Quantum IPS”. It is a feature that has exhibits the same color accuracy as the ones used in the motion picture industry.  The G4 is calibrated to be 25% brighter than the previous series model but it was necessary to accentuate the 50 % improved color contrast rating and the color accuracy as well.

The G4’s camera plus the special camera control lets users to simultaneously capture photographs and record footages.  You can mark marquee moments on the footage with just a single tap.

You will have plenty of digital storage space at 32 GBs that can be further expanded to another 128 GB. LG’s G4 and its casing will come in Grey, White and casings while the leather-clad models will enjoy the luxurious shades of black, brown and red.

LG G4 : Official Product Video