School Year Opening 2015-2016

The mad rush is on! School supplies, books and school uniforms are on the must buy lists of parents nationwide for the official school opening on June 1, 2015.  Boys and girls are excited to meet and make new friends and learn about new things in school.

For most ordinary Filipino family, back-to-school means coping with high tuition fees and everyday transportation allowance on a tight, constrained budget. (What more, the packed lunch or baon money for recess!). Education is a basic right of every Filipino citizen, reason why even the poorest of families try to send their kids to a public school where tuition fees are much lower than in privately-owned schools. (It should be free, really!)

School Year Opening 2015-2016 Back to School

Education is principally a right and not a privilege, while those with money can choose the school where they want to study in; still, the less fortunate ones can opt to enroll in a government learning institution.  Anyway, it’s the student who makes the grade (And, what he /she is capable of accomplishing) and not the school in general. (Is it not?)

At, everyday supplies and groceries for your student’s baon for recess and breakfasts are available online for your convenience. You can order chocolate drinks, fruit juices, powdered milk, cereals, biscuits, instant noodles, canned goods and other necessities with a click of your mouse on your trusty laptop or handy cellular phone. (Easy, don’t you think?)

What of school bus service? (Ordinary at best) And, the woes of everyday transport to and from school, the hassles of waiting in the baking sun or pouring rain for a jeepney or bus ride for the hapless students struggling to get home.

Mind you, you can pay through reliable bank partners, credit card or Paypal and C.O.D and have all your orders delivered right at your doorstep through our trusted courier service.

Back-to-school, then shop conveniently at online shopping store.