Connect with your Dad’s Passion this Father’s Day 2015

June 21 is fast approaching. In a couple of weeks, the World will be celebrating a special day for the Pillars of our Homes. Father’s day is about your dads remembering the sweet kid that you always are and the loving child that you always will be. A father is any figure that provides support on our undertakings. It is not defined by blood relations alone. It can be attributed to someone you care for and someone that can reciprocate your love.

He is imaginative and rarely lets go of the things he loved about the past and his childhood.  A father is someone who combines responsibility with lightheartedness. He can role play like a seven year old but without or when the cold ones get popped, they can give you the best advice.

Strangely enough, Fathers day is a celebration that is rarely celebrated through gifts. Father’s day is better celebrated through bonding experiences. Father’s day is an occasion that is seen to be simple. You won’t see much deals or decorations on malls on this destined date. It will seem just an ordinary day. You will still see these everyday heroes doing their usual duties round the clock. True, it is just a normal day because being awesome is a part of a father’s daily routine.

Father and children playing on the beach at the sunset time

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, a 2012 study suggests that dads felt pure joy when they are given: grandchildren and a diploma. We know that one day, you can show these gifts or miracles proudly to your dads. For the mean time, you need to look for your tatay’s interests. Let historical records give you suggestions. For example: the film ‘Jaws’ hit the cinemas in the same date as father’s day 2015. This gives us an idea! Why not take your dad to the movies. Summer blockbusters like the Jurassic World made dads excited by its trailer alone. For other family friendly movies, local and foreign DVDs and Blu Ray movie collections.

If your dad is a sports enthusiast, you can help him remember that June is the month that Lenox Lewis retained his WBC World Heavyweight Belt by knocking out “Iron” Mike Tyson in the eighth round. On June 21 2003, Lenox won his last professional fight via technical knockout against Vitali Klitschko. This is a controversial fight as well. If your dad loves the sport and is looking for a way to forget the disappointment of the May-Pac bout, a DVD copy of any of the fights might do the trick of reinvigorating your pop’s love for the game. You have plenty of time to secure a copy.

Also, 3 years ago on June 21st, The Miami Heat has won the franchise’s second championship. The NBA Finals has just started today. Though the match-up won’t reach the 21st, but watching the replays together with your dad will be very much a great bonding practice. That means, you too lady, go watch some NBA basketball with your Pops. The PBA would be is the final stages on their elimination leg by the 21st and tickets are easy to secure.

If your dad loves reading, 12 years ago was the release of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book. You can secure a copy of this book or any book of the franchise on All these plus more deals on what your Papa might be needing will be up for grabs on our site. This includes collection of the latest gadgetries.

Still, we would love that children, grandchildren, wives and friends to send their heartfelt congratulations to the always awesome and the superhero that has compassion, hardwork and wit as their might.