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Computing and processing data are the main functions of the Computer. All parts are integral for stable performance. Every consumer has a unique criterion on what type of internal parts must be installed to his or her personal computer for easier access and better overall performance.

Each internal and external computer peripherals brings certain benefit for your PC. Here to improve your computing processes are’s Notebook and desktop memory internal hardware product line-up.

Among the parts we offer are top of the line Solid-State Drive or SSD. This hardware has the same function as the default hard- disk drive or HDD, but instead of using the traditional spinning disk to store data, SSDs uses flash memory. It has no moving parts and consumes less energy than HDDs. Now, you may ask, why should you buy this “SSD” when technically speaking, my PC is already equipped with the HDD? Well, aside from lower energy consumption, many types of application software especially transaction processing, batch processing, query and decision support analysis can benefit from the super-fast access times SSDs offer. Adding a small amount of SSDs to your PC or office computer can result in a significant performance improvement and eliminate a major performance bottleneck for any application.

Kingmax SSD Solid State Drive 120GB SSD 2.5 SATA 3

Kingmax SSD Solid State Drive 120GB SSD 2.5 SATA 3

Our SSDs can be adjusted to your needs. You can either place this hardware to support and store high-priority data such as word documents or you may purchase high-grade SSDs also here at to support all types of file format. As we often say, developments in technology resulted in high- grade devices but not sacrificing affordability. SSDs are now following a certain consumer and product trend. As SSD’s performance and potential capability increase, there is no significant movement on the price.

Another important part of computer processing is the Random-Access Memory or simply known as RAM. Our computers are often performing more than one task at once. As you do these things, your computer is using Random Access Memory to store data from each of these running programs so that it’s ready for easy access by your computer’s processor.

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Kingmax Notebook Memory 1GB DDR2

Kingmax Notebook Memory 1GB DDR2

RAM is much more accessible to the processor. It transfers past and on-going, on display or recently closed information into the hardware. All programs and information that a user might re-open again are stored into the RAM. When the processor needs re-access, the data, or information, it will have faster loading speeds. RAM also enables faster transitions from programs to programs. Remember when you were studying or at work when you said “I don’t need write that down, I can remember it”, but you failed. The idea behind the RAM is this human way of thinking, but instead of simply relying on your brain to remember, the RAM is responsible enough to get a pen and write down important information. Do not let your PC suffer from the same human struggle that is short term memory.

Running programs from the RAM of the computer allows them to function with less or without any lag time. The bigger capacity your RAM has, the faster the transitions and data re-access. Multitasking as well as virtual gaming will run smoother by purchasing the Kingmax Notebook Memory 1GB DDR2 up to the Kingmax Desktop Memory 8GB DDR3 only here at

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