GoPro Hero4 Session: Heavy Performance on a Light Construction

GoPro Hero4 Session

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Remember the days when GoPro marketed their creations as the most portable and reliable action camera in the market. The first commercially successful GoPro model was certainly handy and sturdy, but that was about half a decade ago. Since then, adjustments on both the hardware and software departments have been employed. The same creators of the first globally recognized GoPro could only promote other models as what they are compared to the newly available GoPro Hero 4 Session.  Hey, ‘reliable’ and ‘durable’ are still among the top desirable device qualities.

Come to think of it, we no longer care whether a new gadget is portable or not. Check the newest Smartphones, they maybe slimmer but they are screaming for air on our pockets. Are we now ready to let go of the portable measurements on our devices? Are we making the phablets the new standard? Apparently yes, but that is not the GoPro way. That is not how POV camera works.

GoPro Hero4 Session

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GoPro Hero4 Session

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For this lifestyle need, we cannot welcome anything bigger and heavier than to that of GoPro cameras. Why? Because this recreation device is about being discreet. It is about the smallest gadgets doing the biggest impacts to record something worth experiencing.  The POV camera industry is a special branch of lifestyle market as this business actually wants the users to explore. This industry wants us to not be limited to just the four corners of our Smartphones. GoPro Session and all the GoPro cameras before it connect man to nature, to his social media accounts and his being along the way.

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What makes the Hero4 Session a valuable purchase is that it the most portable GoPro camera to date. It keeps you company without feeling the excess baggage. Other GoPro models, when placed side by side to the Hero4 Session would look like as if they were on steroids. The most recent GoPro devices could no longer be attributed as the most portable, because the Session bags the crown on that aspect.

The Session is also the lightest POV that can record HD videos and 60 frames a second on its 8 MP camera. The Session measures less than 2 inches in every direction.  Along with this new hardware is a new mounting system that the creators call as ‘The Strap’. It places your GoPro camera at the palm or at the back of your hands in the most literal sense. The minds behind the new mounting system claim that this will add a new perspective on many more outdoor activities. Samples would be: Simultaneously recording while rock climbing. Or recording your baseball swings, hockey hits or sharing your oar’s perspective when you are hitting the rapids. Speaking of rowing and outdoor activities regarding water, the Session is water-resistant up to 10 meters out of the box. This is a handy feature, as the small stature is not compatible with the any waterproofing body. The Session however, is compatible with all types of GoPro trademarked mounts.

GoPro Hero4 Session in Action Surfing

GoPro Hero4 Session in Action Snow Boarding

The session employs a two-microphone system. You can record crisper sound bytes when underwater or when facing extreme winds. The system detects which of the back or front mic is more suitable for recording, depending on the environment.

One button control lets you record your activities in a flash. Holding the same button for about two seconds will activate the time-lapse function. This feature helps users to conserve two 2 hour battery capacity of the camera. Because of the auto record function, the Session could not support slow-mo shots.

This Session has no LCD, but you can access all your files and configure your Session’s settings like to activate the Protune for video, Superview wide-angle recording, and Highlight Tagging on the GoPro App. In post production, all recordings are taken right side up, regardless of the orientation of the camera.

Small but terrible is passé. With the GoPro Hero4 Session, Small IS reliable.