It’s the Wet! Rainy Season Essentials Philippines 2015

Umbrellas - Rainy Season Essentials Philippines

Rain! Rain! Go away! Come again another year! (Ha ha, that’s too long a time really, and it could mean a drought is offing in the country!) Besides, farmers need the rains to irrigate their crops and we need it to replenish the dwindling water supply in our dams for our source of precious tap water in Metro Manila and nearby metropolitan areas. So, whether we like it or not we have to prepare for the rainy season ahead! Come floods, brownouts, traffic jams, typhoons and high water so to speak!

And plan ahead. You most certainly have to think of: Umbrellas, Boots and Rain Gear to get to places. Rechargeable LED flashlights to get you and your family through the dark, Rechargeable Electric Fan for that cooling power even when there is no electrical supply, Power Banks to connect to your cell phones and gadgets when you need the extra charge to connect to people, stock up on essential grocery items such as canned goods, batteries, rice, water, no cook food items, milk, batteries, instant noodles and other indispensible items. (The necessities really!)

Rainy Season Essentials Philippines 2015


Imagine you are not even thinking extensive flooding and widespread brownouts could happen; you might even infer t it is impossible that it will happen in the very near future. But, one only needs to remember the mayhem and destruction brought about by Typhoon Yolanda and Typhoon Habagat. offers all these items and a lot more on the site. (Yes, it’s true!)There’s a section for regular priced items, a Daily Sale section where products are discounted and a Goods Tiangge section where you can pre order the products and buy items in bulk at low affordable prices. It’s so easy to order products online with just a few clicks on your laptop or cell phone; you can even pay through accredited banking institutions or credit card, G-Cash, Smart Money, Paypal or C.O.D. Have your orders delivered right at your doorstep by our fast and trusted courier services. No hassles! Picture yourself not getting stuck in traffic under the heavy downpour!

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