A Hero and Philippine Martyr Remembered

August 21, 1983, exactly 32 years ago today, a historical, eventful Sunday in the annals of Philippine history awakened and at the same time rattled the nation (and the world) which culminated with the peaceful EDSA 1986 People Power Revolution!

EDSA 1986 People Power Revolution

“The Filipino is Worth Dying For” was the title of a speech delivered by exiled Senator Benigno “Ninoy “Aquino Jr. at the Asia Society in New York in August 4, 1980. And, as fate would have it, three (3) years later “Ninoy” would pay the ultimate price at the Manila International Airport (Now, renamed Ninoy Aquino International Airport in his honor) when he was gunned down at the airport tarmac as he was being led in a side staircase.

President Ninoy Aquino

With his strong, inherent desire to restore democracy in his country besieged by Authoritarian Rule and oppression of the Filipino people and to right the wrongdoings of a conjugal dictatorship backed by martial law, in power for more than two decades was the underlying factor why “Ninoy” risked his life by returning home from exile from the United States to an uncertain death in his beloved country.#YRS SALE

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The “cell phone savvy” generation of today may have no remembrance whatsoever of this truly great man and hero/martyr, yet, they greatly owe their freedom for his ultimate sacrifice. The doors of Philippine democracy re-opened with the so called peaceful “EDSA 1986 People Power Revolution” which freed a country from tyranny and military rule that reverberated around the world.

Thirty two years may have passed since Ninoy Aquino’s death. Democracy continues to shine in the Philippines. But, the torch of freedom should always be guarded for future generations to come. Where our children’s children will reap the benefits sowed by generations before hand! Ninoy Aquino’s death and the peaceful EDSA 1986 People Power Revolution left a lasting legacy in the country and the whole world.