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Pre-order NBA 2k16 for consoles at and get a chance to win a NBA jersey. Play your favorite basketball simulation game while wearing a regulation recognized apparel of your favorite NBA team. The NBA 2k game’s new installment continues on gameplay and graphics development. Released first on the most recent Playstation and Xbox consoles, this newest installment is no shy on new features, player movements reflecting both the virtual and real association, game control and an expansion of legacy teams.

Pre-Order NBA 2K16

The 2016 iteration has an expanded selection of impactful NBA roster in recent memory. You can now compete against or relieve the glory days and plays of the ’99-’00 Trail Blazers, 2000 Raptors, ’00-’01 Lakers, ’02-’03 Mavericks,’03-’04 Pistons, ’07-’08 Boston Celtics, 2008 Rockets and ’12-’13 Miami Heat.

For more lifelike player progress, Visual Concepts, the developer of the games has employed the services of director Spike Lee for better cinematic perspective on your Cinderella story on the virtual hard court. using the Eco Motion gaming engine now adds mouth guard habits as part of the free throw and time out video sequences. The gaming engine maximizes the realism of player’s reaction and theatrics after every made bucket and highlight worthy ‘J’, 3 point dagger or slam dunk.

NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16

Create your own player profile and shower it with physical attributes and basketball skill sets. Maybe, give him a tattoo from over 1,500 skin ink selection, plus a thousand more on angular variations. Become an all-star player worthy of the 2k championship.

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Hone your skills and marvel at the graphics as the NBA 2K games continue to give fans the control over the game we love.  Make the game as easy or as hard as it could be with the customizable gameplay mechanics. Deeply-embedded on the game is the passion, the exhilaration and the competition that basketball fans enjoy and take part of, in game or in real life. Pre-order now and get extra four days of new feature testing or develop an avatar that is four days superior to your peers. Be one of the first to try the game’s online servers. Go live to play against other NBA fans.

Your orders will arrive on September 25. Spend the weekend tinkering the new Myplayer features and more. By extension, complete your fantasy line up. Make the player trades that would otherwise be close to impossible in real life.

Worldwide release is on Sept 29.

*Disclaimer: This pre-order NBA 2K16 offer will not recognize first-time registrant discount codes. Only Metro Manila deliveries shall be entitled of our free delivery promo.