Sony Xperia M5: Digital Camera and Smartphone in One


Sony Xperia M5

Seeing Smartphones on concerts or any social activity seems to be the norm these days. Smartphone is the best tool for casual photography and with the right extensions; they can be used professionally. Smartphone’s cameras are becoming better and better after every flagship release. New functions are added and the well-received features are kept or upgraded. If there is a non-negotiable feature for Smartphone photography is the Megapixel rating of the camera and the rest will follow.

There has been no brand brave enough to claim that they are the standard of Smartphone photography. It’s easy to say that they are the “best” but being a “standard” is on a whole new level. There are signs however, that few models are taking the MP rating battle more seriously than others.

The most important aspect of photography, more than the tool is the quality of the pictures taken. More than the specifications and the promises is the value for your money. These two aspects will be met by the soon to be launched Sony Xperia M5. The Xperia series has made a name in the industry for it carries the uniqueness and the attention to sound and imagery that Sony is known for.  It’s safe to say that the Sony Xperia M5 is just a few steps behind the Sony Cybershot digital camera.

Sony Xperia M5 Camera

image source: Sony Mobile

Sony Xperia M5 will bank on its 21.5 MP primary camera in its quest for smartphone photography supremacy. With that kind of MP rating, you automatically have the capability to zoom in a subject up to five times, all while ensuring quality and control picture noise.  The 13 MP secondary front camera is the highest secondary camera grade so far this 2015 and it will be present on the Xperia M5.

The Sony Xperia M5 is the first Sony Xperia Smartphone to feature that Phase Detection autofocus. This technology allows better contrast and brightness control for every shot. This technology, plus the software in which the M5 operates, gives your camera the intuitive and real time capacity to adjust the light, focus and texture on the chosen subject on the units 5-inch screen display. The unit is protected by a water and dust resistant surface.

Sony Xperia M5 Waterproof

image source: Sony Mobile

Selfie shots taken are enhanced with the Exmor RS™ technology. The same photo processing programs, adjustments and light control present on the primary camera is shared with the front lens. This unit promises crisp results when using the High Dynamic Range function for selfies.

Xperia M5 can simultaneously run the front and back camera. One perspective is overlayed on another.

Powering the device is the Mediatek MT6795 chipset, an Octa-core Cortex-A53 CPU clocked at 2.0 GHz and PowerVR G6200 for graphics processing. Completing the motor set-up us the 3 GB RAM. Mediatek chipset operates on minimal power requirements that even with just a 2600 mAh battery, the model can last 8 hours of heavy use.

For better power control, you can program the device to store up to 14% of extra power. Also, for those who want to control their smartphone dependence, a user can activate the ‘Ultra Stamina Mode’, wherein your device could only receive and reply to text messages and calls. This function, when utilized at its fullest, means that your device can run for a week.

The new Sony Xperia M5  has a tentative price of Php 18,000.00.