Apple iPhone 6S First Look and Impressions

Apple iPhone 6s Image Source: Apple

Apple stayed true to their word when they said that they will be unveiling a new iPhone Smartphone every year. On September 2014, they released the iPhone 6 on their home market and reach the Philippines a few weeks. Initially, the price reached up to an astounding Php 100,000.00. The price tag gradually decreased and one year later, the model with the biggest built-in memory can now be bought for a relatively low price of Php 40,000.00.

A full year and full iPhone 6 cycle later, Apple has unveiled the newest cylinders that are the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S+ on their product conference held in San Francisco. The conference gave Apple device users and the bookmen of the industry, the first look and impressions on their newest creation. As soon as the conference was over, Apple announced that the iPhone 6S and its bigger twin in 6S+ will be available for pre-order 48 hours later.

Apple Inc. has made statements that their new flagship device will be available on the third quarter of the year and 2015 will be about stability and the biggest camera update in the history of the company. The official sets of specifications are yet to be publicly released but the significant updates were presented on the conference by Apple CEO Tim Cook and Phil Schiller, the Senior Vice President for Worldwide Marketing. iPhone 6S’ upgrade presentation is summed by the company on the phrase “The only thing that changed is everything”.

Apple iPhone 6s Screen Size Image Source: Apple

Well, not entirely. The 6S will retain the screen measurement that is 4.7 inches and the exact button and slot placement as the iPhone 6. On the presentation level, it looks the same but it feels different. The casing is made from 7000 series aluminum, a material that is used even in Aerospace industry. The screen glass is made via a dual ion exchange process. Corning Gorilla Glass technology also utilizes a near-similar process.

The screen, plus the software update combined for the feature known as the “3D force touch”. The screen can now interpret finger pressure as ‘selection’ or opening ‘secondary options’. Finger pressure plus finger connection duration, activates a total of three functions. The third is having the ability to arrange the icons on your phone’s menu.

Apple iPhone 6S will be using the latest A9 chip with the M9 co-processor. The chipset is clocked by Apple to be 70% faster than the A8 and M8. The iPhone 6 has some of the fastest image rendering among all phones. The millisecond difference is further increased with the inclusion of the A9 and M9 chips.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade on the 6S is the 12 Mp camera sensor that can record 4k videos. The 4 MP jump from last year’s model is most certainly welcome. The secondary camera also received almost the same 4 MP rating jump from 1.2 to 5 MP. The screen also doubles as a flash.

Apple iPhone 6s Gaming Image Source: Apple

The unveiling presentation indicates that the iPhone S6 will share the same market price as the iPhone 6 Plus. Current currency conversion condition suggests that the 16 GB iPhone 6S model should have a price of more or less Php 30,000.00. 64 GB more or less Php 38,000.00 and 128 GB more or less Php 40,000.00.

The reserved specs such as the RAM and the battery rating that will give the iPhone 6S a decent 10 hour battery life will be made public before they go on shelf in the US on September 25. Other products showcased on Apple Inc’s presentation were the massive 12.9 inch working space of the new iPad Pro and the new version of the Apple TV.