Affordable Camera and Phone Accessories for your Adventurous Lifestyle

In today’s mobile phone savvy lifestyle one is sure to have one’s picture taken! (That is if you’re not having a selfie yourself or with your friends somewhere!). Taking pictures has become everyone’s passion, either through one’s mobile phone or through a camera. Simply because it has become easy as 1-2-3-smile-click! (then sending the photo through your phone!)

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

And, for those who want to add a new dimension to picture taking. Options are a dime a dozen, yes, really they are! I am not a mobile phone selfie addict or photography aficionado but, I’ve heard lots of people “put in” a good word to the Original Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Xiao Yi and what this sports cam can do: Waterproof Camera with 4 Shooting Modes including photo, time-lapse, timer and video, Wifi Connection up to 100 meters, with 155-degree angle lens, it even supports micro SD Card up to 64GB (Not included).

Outdoor Actiivities

This camera, they say goes where you want to go, literally. (In the water, up mountains, biking, hiking, singing in a typhoon you name it!)

Mobile Phone accessories are readily available at Goods Tiangge Offering high quality 3-in-1 Rotatable LensMonopod Wired Shutter RemoteUniversal Clip On 235-Degree Detachable Fish Eye, Lens Super Advanced Camera Photo KitUniversal Clip On Wide Angle Micro Fish Eye among other attachments for mobile phones to make taking pictures a little bit more fun and exciting!  Imagine owning affordable lenses that show different angles to your shots and provide a whole new perspective to your pictures!

Fish Eye

Go biking! Go trekking! Go wakeboarding! The Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Xiao Yi is there to take everything in! And when you want to widen your mobile phone photo experience there are lots of accessories in the horizon!