Iconic Philippine Candies of the 90’s & The Present

Basically candies in the Philippines aside from our own native candy concoctions come from different countries because of our cultural background of being conquered by different nations and through trading from various neighboring countries (Chinese, American, Japanese, Malaysia, and Taiwan among others). There truly are a lot of candies to choose from in the sari-sari stores and market place. It all depends on your preference and location.

Come Halloween, specialty candies and chocolates will surely flood the market

Iconic Candies

Will these iconic Philippine candies still be around or are they just a thing of the past? During the 1990’s Haw Haw Flakes, Mik-Mik Milk Powder, White Rabbit, Peter Butter Balls, Tira-Tira Candies, Magic Dust, Storck Menthol Candies, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Tarzan Bubble Gum, Caramel Candy, Senorita Sugar-Coated Lemon Candy, Serg’s Chocolate and Horlicks.

Sadly, most of these candies/chocolates which were favorites of the past generation are not available in the market anymore. They have succumbed to the test of time and market preference.

New Candies

New candy products and chocolates have come and evolved through the years and replaced these all time Filipino favorites. Now, there are new products out in the market: Lychee Flavor Conjac Jelly, Maxx Menthol Candy, Jack N’ Jill Berry Knots, Cloud 9 Choco Fudge, Goya Cream White or Dark Chocolate, Fox Crystal Clear Hard Candies, Jack N’ Jill Wiggles, Hany Milk Chocolate, Juicy Fruit Gum, Oishi Sponge Crunch Chocolate plus a lot more!

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By: Gilbert Dadia