5 Best Cameras You Should Invest In

Often times, expert photographers are being asked what are the best digital cameras for photography that every beginners should have at least one. We pick out the best five cameras that will make you feel giddy on every shot you take.

(image source from dpreview.com)

(image source from dpreview.com)

  1. Canon EOS 700D – Surely, it is has been everyone’s favorite cameras from Canon. This brand is the greatest mid-range Canon models of all time. It makes a fantastic SLR’s in the market for it has the phase-detect autofocus points and the ability to preview creative filters when you are trying to compose a shot in live view mode.


Canon-EOS-60D- (digital-photography-school.com)

(image from digital-photography-school.com)2

    2.   Canon EOS 60D – If you are an amateur photographer, this Canon model is right for you. Its excellent 18-megapixel sensor with superb detail and high ISO performance will take away                  your money.

pentax-ptx-k5-ii-camera-body-only-8324 (goods.ph)

  3.   Pentax PTX K5 – Pentax K5 features professional grade that will give you a pro build, pro weather sealing, and pro image capturing with high quality and superb HD video. If you’re a fan of          a lite cameras that goes both in film or in digital, Pentax is on the right edge for you to buy.



(image source from dpreview.com)

   4.  Nikon D7000 – When it comes in flash photography, Nikon D7000 is particularly well suited to that. It has a built-in speedlight with guide number of 12 metres at ISO set in 100. It                          automatically opens the auto mode if the camera thinks it is necessary, but sometimes in the exposure  modes, it is left to the photographer whether to use it or not.

fujifilm-instax-mini-90-neo-classic-01   5.  Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic – Instant camera that comes in a 2×3 inch film packs is always cool and looks like a toy. If you love capturing happy moments in reto styling, Fujifilm          Instax is working very well for the retro thing. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts an extremely long time. It offers a few modern features just like an instant film camera introduced by                  Polaroid in the late 1940s.

And don’t be afraid to shop around your favorite brands online for better deals. Most online shopping stores runs frequent promotional sales, so take advantage of those deals and start shooting!