Black Friday Shopping Online

Shopping Season

In the US, Black Friday officially starts the bustling Christmas shopping season. Usually held after Thanksgiving Day it was made famous during the 1960’s when popular department stores Macy’s and Eaton’s would sponsor parades after Thanksgiving Day. And, because of this event a lot of people would troop to the city to watch the parade then ultimately go on a shopping frenzy.

It is widely believed that the term “Black Friday” originated from Philadelphia, where the police first used the word to describe the multitude of shoppers descending on the city from the suburbs to avail of these sale items. As they used to say during that particular day’s traffic would be a mess and at a standstill and the sidewalks were filled with shoppers that the police, bus drivers and taxi drivers would dread it but really can’t do anything about it. During “Black Friday” retailers give huge discounts to customers to entice them to buy products and gifts for Christmas, even if the merchants sell them at a loss. (So, they say so would you believe that?)

Black Friday Sale

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By: Gilbert Dadia