Top 5 Best Seller Smartphones in the Philippines

This year is probably the year of emerging technology. With this improvement, we have seen and witnessed how people are getting attached with their Smartphones. The latest version of iPhone OS were released this year and together with Apple released the newest members of the iPhone family, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Also this year, laptop brands like Asus and Acer released their own versions of Smartphones. Samsung in the other hand released the newest Samsung 6 Edge, so it’s like a tight fight between iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung 6 Edge.
Today, we will round up the top 5 best seller Smartphones in the Philippines. Check out the list below.


1. ASUS Zenfone 5 Lite A502CG 8GB – This one costs Php 5, 595 and definitely exceeds your expectation. This cheaper version of ASUS Smartphone is the most purchased phone in Lazada. Its sleek design is for the win!


2. Apple iPhone 6 – Php 47, 499 – When this was released, iPhone users immediately went out from their door. It comes in three different colors (white, black, and gold) and the most interesting of all; it has now a wider screen and long battery life.

Galaxy S6 Edge_Combination2_Gold Platinum_0
3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Php 23, 000 – Of course, Samsung will always be in the list. Everyone went gaga over their newest addition in S Series.


4. Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean – Php 4, 499 – This locally made Smartphone made it to our list because, why not? Cherry Mobile indeed leveled up this year. It carries all the whistles you can from a 15K android phone.


5. LG G4 – Php18, 400 – Who can resist its 16MP camera with a 1.8 aperture and a ½.6 sensor size? This is the best ‘selfie’ phone ever made and among them is the ability to do prolonged exposure, a technique used by some photographers in using dSLR cameras.