Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Okay, let us state the fact that exactly two days from now, it’s Christmas Day and still, you’ve got nothing for your guy pals yet. Honestly speaking, looking for a gift for boys can sometimes be so stressful. They are unpredictable and confusing, maybe because they don’t talk too much about what they want or what they like. I remember one time, I looked for a birthday gift for my guy best friend. It took me 3 hours of roaming around the mall to find the perfect gift for him. Perfect means unique, something he doesn’t still have and something he can use everyday.

If you are running out of ideas on what to give for your dad, brother, guy best friends, or boyfriend this coming Christmas, worry no more as we give you some unique Christmas gift ideas for the ‘boys’ in your life that will surely make them jump for joy.


  1. Garmin Forerunner 920XT Fitness Watch – Guys love to work out and they love wearing watches. Most of my guy pals can’t leave their house without wearing their watch. So putting the two things they love in one form is beyond amazing. The activity tracking feature measures your steps, sleep and calories burned all day, giving a completepicture of the daily activity.


2. EDC Kit – This one is perfect for your dad who is always on-the-go                and prepared at all times. He can keep all his necessary keys and flash          drives in this kit, keeping them all safe and organized.

-68165513398768724703. Business Men Leather Wallet – For your boyfriend who keeps calling           cards, receipts because of his work, he definitely needs something to           keep him organized all the time. Give him the best thing he could have       in his bag.



4. Bluetooth Headphone – Of course, we can’t deny it, boys love gadgets!        This pair of Bluetooth Headphone will be their next baby. It gives a high      quality of sound effect and it is also a talk hands-free with Bluetooth            technology enabled and compatible in various mobile phones or                      Smartphones.



5. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Chuck II – Boys don’t buy a pair of             sneaker from time to time, but when they do, it’s the best one. This             year, Converse updates its iconic sneaker with tougher materials while         keeping its signature look. My favorite one for this year’s collection is         the maroon color, I will buy this one in a heartbeat.

There you have it, hope it helps a little bit, and now, all you need is to hit the mall and spend the rest of your time in there. Enjoy shopping and Happy Holidays!