Goods.PH Valentine’s Day: Heart Attack!

Can you get any sweeter than this? 


Love month is just around the corner and we’re making it even better and sweeter for you and your loved ones!

Goods.PH gives you more facts to enjoy Valentine’s Day 2016!

Are you single and SAD on hearts day? SAD or Single Awareness Day can be meaningful with these luscious. You don’t need to be in a relationship to fall in love and be happy. Goods.PH gives you more reasons to love yourself by pampering yourself with gifts!

Japan had their first Valentine’s Day in 1963 wherein only women buy chocolates to give to their spouses, boyfriends and friends. It is only the day for single women to give chocolates to the men that they like, the men won’t respond until “White Day” held on March 14 known as “answer day”.

It’s your chance in the year not to be shy and express your feelings to someone you like! You can choose sweet finds, only available in Goods.PH.

Buying flowers for V-Day? Each color has its meaning, red is for love, white is for purity and yellow means friendship. Send your own symbol of love to someone special today! Goods.PH prepared special bundles to choose from watches, bags, earrings, stuff toys, and more!

Can a true woman ever resist a bag? This simple accessory can make or break a great outfit. Not only does it carry most of your things it can well be the center point of a conversation! Style, design and material are just a few of the things a girl needs to look for. Go ahead treat yourself and get the bag you want at Goods.PH.

Can a real man resist electronic gadgetry and simply live on? Of course not! Its literally programmed in their brains so to speak!. Your man, father or son would naturally want to tinker on things or look simply “In” with their devices. So what’s stopping you? There’s a load to choose from at Goods.PH that would make them drool to high heavens!

How about couples out there, any gift suggestions? Well a loving relationship is built on time and trust that’s a well known fact.  Couple watches are a wise and enduring gift to give your partner a lifetime present to show him/her how you truly belong to each other. Think of the “time” you have spent together. You can choose from a wide selection at Goods.PH.

Goods.PH is making this love month sweeter and lovelier for 2016! We bring you Heart Attack!

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