5 Online Hacks for Cost Savvy Shoppers

With a rapidly increasing rate of those living sedentary lifestyles, e-commerces have been able to flourish. Believe it or not, by preying on the sloth of those with unlimited access to the internet and a digital screen to place their orders! These companies’ businesses have taken off and skyrocketed in the last couple of years simply because of the rapid advancement of the internet, new age technology and a large amount of internet-hungry consumers.

Hungry Consumer

But of course, not everyone who shops online necessarily is a couch potato. They could have probably been too busy, or perhaps found no urgency to take a trip down to a physical store to buy that one or two products. Well, either that, or they could just prefer being greeted with the plethora of choices they are given to choose from online, through their screens, as compared to what they’re presented in in a real life retailer or department store. Ultimately, it all adds up to convenience and preference, as a significant amount of people still prefer visiting the physical retail shop to get physically in touch with the things they like in order to prevent buying the defected items or items in the wrong size or colour, as compared to trusting online retailers to do the double-checking for them. Nevertheless, shopping online has helped many, including myself save a bundle!


The tip is to remember that you, as a shopper, are worshipped by these ecommerces. Without you, they are nothing. They rely on you to meet their daily targets and revenues, while you on the other hand, have nothing to lose! So, make the best out of the unspoken authority you have. Seal the best deals with these 5 online shopping hacks that will help you save more in the long run!


Buy things at a bargain by looking for items with typos in their names


If you’re on websites that allow individual vendors to sell their items on a common platform such as eBay or Aliexpress, a lot of the time, there will definitely be this handful of vendors who misspell their goods because of a stupid typo and end up not having many bidders or a large number of orders, therefore causing a fall in the price of these goods.


For example: Samsung misspelt as Samsnug or Playstation misspelt as Playsation.


Order in bulk in order to save on shipping costs

Order in Bulk

This hack is probably already done by many, but I cannot stress how important it is. You save loads when you order something and split the shipping cost with others. This is especially so when the cost of international shipping is ridonkulous and probably costs more than, if not, just as much as your purchase (especially if you’re buying things from the U.K. and U.S.A.). The only time this hack doesn’t work is when you’re the only one among all your friends and family members who want to buy things from that particular website.


Try finding what you like on a local or unisex website such as goods.ph to increase your chances of more friends and family wanting to join the bandwagon! Save on shipping costs when many chip in to pay for the shipping cost!


Scramble for discount codes and coupons

Discount Codes and Coupons

Don’t be afraid to just open your search engine and search for discount codes and coupon codes. There are plenty of forums and websites out there that will proudly leak any sort of good deal out there for the betterment of the online shopping community.


Know when to shop

Know When to Shop

Don’t ask why, but the best days to shop are the later days of the week– Wednesday onwards.


For some reason, online shops love giving discounts then. Alternatively, you could wait for the sale season. Month and season-end sales are usually the best times to shop because that’s when the funky new arrivals kick in and what everyone will be running for when launched. Keep your eyes peeled for the discount and clearance section!


Shop on Google Chrome

Shop on Google Crhome

You read it right. Shop. on. Google. Chrome.

Google Chrome has this magical function which allows you to right click and search for other similar images of the product you have selected online. This will lead you to the search engine page where all similar goods are laid out with their prices. Here, you will be able to see which where you can get your item for the cheapest price and where from, comparing it to the first merchant you went on.


Use cash back websites


Shop smart and never risk paying more when you use cash back websites! Philippine’s most popular cash back website is ShopBack Philippines! ShopBack Philippines offers customers cash back on their various purchases. It’s like being paid to shop! That’s right! On top of the exclusive discounts these sites give their customers, they also generously return you a portion of your money through cash back, what is there not to love?


Kristabelle is a part-time writer and full-time cheapskate who is always on her toes for the best hacks to save money when shopping online.