The summer 999 Challenge: What You Can Do with 999 Pesos

999 Challenge

Summer season can trigger headaches because of its hot temperature, but it occurs not just because of the heat! Summer can also give headaches due to budget deficit. As a result of the hotness of temperature, you will be urged to open more fans or turn your AC to its coolest degree; these acts will surely add to your electricity bill. Oh, headache! Another cause of budget deficit is the planned trips on summer like swimming, parties and leisure times; you must also bring gadget tools and wear summer fashion accessories on these trips, but how can you save? Let’s say your remaining budget is 999 pesos. What can you do with it?  Try the 999 challenge where you can get fashion accessories and gadget tools for cheap prices!

Shall we start?


For Women:     

Women's Accessories

We’ll begin the 999 challenge with the best summer fashion accessories for women. If it happens that you’re a lady, this list is for you. Bags define a woman and it helps carry necessities like makeup and gadgets; Korean Square Shoulder Bag for Women (₱199) will suit you if you’ve planned to go to a summer party while Checkered Flower Design Women Shoulder Bag (₱249.00) is perfect for you if you’re going on a trip. You need to keep an eye on your fashion sense as it depicts your image; Get a Geneva Full Stainless Steel Gold Watch (₱153.00), Trendy Multi-Layered Gold Pendant Necklace (₱41.00) and Fashionable Perfume Bottle Multi Layer Bracelet (₱59.00) to complete your outfit. Photographs are very important when you’re travelling because it is the only way to capture your experiences and you don’t want to run out of battery in these moments, a 2600mAH Tetris Power Bank (₱110.00) will definitely rescue your battery! Overall, it will just cost you ₱897.00 and you will save ₱102.00.


For Men:

Men's Accessories

Next is the 999 challenge for gentlemen! If you’re a guy, then this listing of the coolest summer fashion accessories is especially for you! First thing first, unlike woman, men don’t like to bring plenty of things. They just bring necessary stuff like wallet and phones. Agree? Pocket money is the most important thing to bring on a trip for guys like you; Unisex Elegant Soft Leather Clutch Wallet (₱166.00) is perfect for your convenience. You may put your wallet and other things inside a Fashionable Casual Chest Pack Sports Bag (₱248.00).  In addition, you must complete your get up when going on an outing. Fashionable Casual Leather Belts for Men (₱188.00) is the best way to say that you have a great taste in fashion and a Matte Leather Belt Outdoor Sports Watch (₱179.00) will give them the impression that you’re a man who values time. Oops! There’s still missing! Complete your summer look with Unisex Reflective Rimless Sunglasses with Stainless Steel Frames (₱84.00)! Imagine that it will only worth ₱865.00 and you can save ₱134.00?


So now, I humbly invite you to take the 999 challenge. Take it like a real summer person!