Back to School Backpacks for Your Kids

It’s already June! That means that back to school season is here. The long vacation for your kids is now over. However, unending expenses are starting again! This is the real horror for all the parents. Agree?

Parents like you spend the most money in June because this is the time when the Kids need a lot of things. When we say a lot, that includes tuition fees, daily fares, weekly allowances, packed lunch, school supplies and backpacks.

Whether it’s for emergency, personal or family purposes; as a parent, you’ve always wanted to save a fair amount of money. What to do? Choose school supplies bundles as you can save by getting a set instead of buying per piece. Second is finding budget wise backpacks for your kids.

Wonder where to find back to school backpacks that can help you save money? We’ll provide you with options to choose from.

For Boys:

Kkabang Gray and Neon Green Backpack

Kkabang Gray and Neon Green BackpackIf your kid loves adventures like running and climbing, this design will make him jump! If it happens that he also loves the color green, then it’s the perfect one for him.


Kkabang Military Backpack Fatigue

Kkabang Military Backpack FatigueDoes he admire being a soldier? Support his dream by getting this design. Who knows, he might be the next hero of our country.


Multi-Colored Prints Backpack C

Multi-Colored Prints Backpack CThis is a colorful bag for your happy-go-lucky child. Make him happier by choosing this design; watch a smile spread across his face while he receives this bag.

For Girls:

Tri Color Canvas Backpack G5

Tri Color Canvas Backpack G5Majority of girls are lively and like to sing, dance or act. If your princess is one of those girls, this tri-color backpack will rock her world.


Blue Sport Backpack F1
Blue Sport Backpack F1Some girls are lively while others are sporty and would prefer to play badminton than to dance. A blue sport backpack is the one to choose for your sporty girl.


Gray Polka Dot Canvas Bag

Gray Polka Dot Canvas BagIs she the girly type? Does she like ‘pretty things’? This stylish bag would totally make her feel like she’s a real fashionista.

Not only you’ll save money, but you can also make your children smile. Making your kids happy has always been what you wanted. Make it happen by choosing their bags from this list of back to school backpacks!