Philippine Independence Day: Enjoy the Basic Freedom Rights

We all know and celebrate June 12 as Philippine Independence Day; it is the day our late President Emilio Aguinaldo declared that we Filipinos have been freed from Spain in 1898. Aside from celebrating this holiday, Filipinos also celebrate two more anniversaries on June 12; the Philippine Flag and the National Anthem.
Every Filipino recognizes the date of Independence Day, the image of the flag and rhythm of the Lupang Hinirang song. Yes, we are familiar with it and actually enjoy the basic freedom rights, but only a few know the significance of the symbolisms and history associated with the special day.
As we remember the Philippine Independence day, here are some facts most people are not aware of about Independence Day:

Philippine Independence Day

• Emilio Aguinaldo designed the sketch of the flag and personally submitted to Marcela Agoncillo, the seamstress of the first official flag; known as the mother of the Philippine flag.
• The stars in the flag originally represented Luzon, Panay and Mindanao.
• The original flag lifted in Kawit, Cavite on June 12, 1898 and was lost somewhere in Pangasinan during the war with the Americans. Even now, the whereabouts of the flag remains a mind-blogging mystery.
• The National anthem was composed by Julian Felipe and originally entitled “Marcha Filipina Magdalo”. The anthem was also performed on June 12, 1898.
• The lyrics of the National anthem “Lupang Hinirang” were adapted from the Spanish poem “Filipinas” which was written by Jose Palma.

Now that we know how crucial it was to reclaim the independence that our country deserves, it is also important for us to cherish and enjoy our basic freedom rights. Every Philippine Independence Day is a day to rest and free ourselves. Take time to put everything behind such as workloads, problems, frustrations and anger. After all, we deserve it!

A perfect idea to celebrate basic freedom rights is to plan a getaway. A simple vacation will do to refresh the mind and to stay away from the things that captivate us. Camping is a great way to celebrate this memorable event. Go fishing with the family and make sure to bring a couple of foldable chairsThe food is not a problem; provide fruits and veggies to eat while waiting for the fishes, just don’t forget a knife, peeler  and slicer to remove their skin off. It’s also fun to decorate the food as it brings more joy while eating.

What more exciting than the feeling of a fish biting the bait? Get it immediately and prepare a meal by cooking the captured fishes. And for the dessert, bring a portable fridge with a lot of ice cream in it!
This is the best way to spend the Freedom day, correct? We don’t have to hesitate utilizing our freedom because we are the ‘Juans’ who continue in contributing to the independence of the Philippines!