Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery store isn’t as popular compared to online gadget and fashion shops in the Philippines. Filipinos prefer going in-store when doing their shopping according to the report released today by global information and insights company, Nielsen. But have you considered the idea of saving time-consuming activity of grocery shopping?

Online grocery shopping has it perks. Aside from the fact that it saves time and energy into browsing for items, it is very convenient. Here are reasons why you should consider online grocery store instead:

1. Saves transportation cost. As a person living in Manila, we’re pretty much aware of the traffic jam we’re getting into as we commute every day and how much it sucks. Going online for your grocery shopping will save costly expenses such as spending money on petrol (if you’re going to use your own car) or taking a cab.

2. Makes you a better budgeter. Online grocery shopping saves you from unwanted luxury purchases. It helps you tame the impulse buying in you. Likewise, you get to pick healthier options over junk foods. Plus, you are constantly aware of how much you are spending, allowing you to be more in control over you expenditure.

3. Groceries go to you. When you shop online, it saves you from having to lift your heavy food items and have the luxury of having your groceries delivered at your doorstep. It also saves you from navigating a busy supermarket and waiting in line to pay.

Although there are some perks, there are also drawbacks to online grocery shopping.

1. Expensive delivery charges. Orders delivered home can be expensive. It’s also a difficult as you have to be at home so you can receive the groceries. However, there are online grocery stores that offer free delivery once you reach a certain amount.

2. You can’t get what you want. You can’t pick the freshest fruit among the combination of ripe and unripe. You cannot judge the quality of the item you are buying, and there are cases that the items are out of stock.

3. Prices may vary. Even though it may save you from the hassles, traffic jams and fuel expenses; don’t forget your making someone do the legwork. Price may be expensive compared to in-store prices. But this is where the deals and coupons come in. |

Where to do your online grocery shopping. While there are many online groceries shopping Philippines online, offers a different kind of grocery items including: snacks, beverages, pasta and noodles, condiments, and canned goods.

It’s essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of online grocery shopping as it can turn a chore into a simple task.