Thrift Clothes Transformation by Coolirpa

Fashion for less

Are you running out of clothes? Can’t find anything to wear inside your wardrobe? There will come a point in our life that buying store-bought clothes that are pricy are not practical when we can find one just like it for a much lesser price.

There are ways to stay trendy and fashion-forward for every season. One of them is upcycling. Upcycling is a way of transforming old materials into something new. Usually we tend to disregard clothes we find inside an “Ukay  Ukay”  or thrift shop but the clothes you find at Ukay Ukay shop can be turned into a stylish modern fashion.

We stumble upon an awesome youtube channel about fashion and upcycling. April or ‘coolirpa’ – is a youtuber covering videos about DIY Fashion and upcycling old clothes into something new.

How to turn your clothing into a trendy one

Here is where you’re going to put the skill you learned in HE (Home Economics) into use. It’s important for you to know how to sew. “Learn a basic straight stitch and you can do a lot!” replied April (coolirpa) in one of comments on her youtube video.

If you’re new or not good at sewing the video below will inspire you.

How to find the right clothing to transform

It’s important for you to know what style of clothing are trendy and fashionable. You should do your research first before heading down to your local thrift shop. Once you’ve found the style you want, you can start the transformation!

Also having all the sewing tools you need is essential, like a scissor or a fabric cutter. If you don’t have one yet, you can find these  materials at Goods.PH!

Here is a video of April turning a dress into a chic minidress:

What do you think of the dress transformation? Share your thoughts below!