How to properly store your food

Online Shopping Philippines – What you eat is what you are. Keeping your food clean and fresh is important as it goes in your body. It’s essential to keep your food from food borne illnesses and the risk of food poisoning. Hence, proper storage of your food and leftovers is necessary to maintain it at its best quality.

Where and how are you going to store your food? Although it’s a general knowledge to store your food, you can’t just simply store them as is. Having containers to keep it fresh is important.

There are different ways of properly storing your food depending on what kind of food you’re going to store. So in order to help you out, we’re providing you with tips on how to properly store your food as well as which container to use.

Non-perishable goods – Keep these inside your cupboard. These are goods that don’t easily spoil such as canned foods, cereals, dry food (soups, powder milk), pasta in cartons, food packaged and sealed in glass jars
(tomato sauce, vinegar, soy sauce), flour, salt, sugar, spices and unopened sweetened condensed milk.

Milk Container HW-98

If you’re organizing your dry food such as powder milk, it’s better to store it in a clean container like the

Milk Container HW-98. It will keep your milk powder from spilling all over the floor if not stored properly.

HW-153 Lunch Box Square

Dry foods should be kept in air tight containers like the HW-153 Lunch Box Square to prevent insect infestations.

Round Food Keeper HW 194-197

Perishable goods that are prone to spoilage like milk, eggs, cheese, meats and vegetables should be refrigerated immediately. Raw meat and poultry should be stored in clean, sealed containers Round Food Keeper HW 194-197 so they can’t touch or drip onto other food.

Frozen foods should be put in the freezer right away such as meat, fish, chicken, ice cream and frozen vegetables.

It’s also important to separate raw food and cooked ones inside the fridge.

HW-160 Lunch Box with Divider

If you’re going to bring lunch at work or at school, don’t just wrap it in a plastic bag, store it properly in a container where your food can stay fresh such as the HW-160 Lunch Box with Divider.

Having the necessary containers to properly store your food to maintain its quality and cleanliness is definitely essential. Grab these at your favorite online store in the Philippines, Goods.Ph.