Light-up Phone Case: Your Next Obsession

Online Shopping Philippines – Love taking selfies? It can be frustrating when we’re taking a selfie and you have to find the right spot for the right lighting. When it’s night but you can’t take a better picture because it’s always better without the flash.

With the selfie generation, more and more smart phone accessories are being invented and innovated. To take better selfies before, someone invented the selfie stick. Now we have smart phone case that lights up when you want to take a selfie.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there’s something that can solve all these problems? Like a Fashion Illuminated Led Lightening Selfie Case for Iphone 6/S? You’re right! This case solves all your issue. Its ring lights that are not too bright, cool or even warm.

Fashion illuminated LED lightening Selfie Case for iPhone6/S

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This phone case is designed with led lights on its side, letting you take better selfie shots no matter where you are!

So how does it work? The front-lit phone case brightens up the face unlike a regular selfie, making you take “perfect-lit” selfies.

Inside the box comes with a charger that connects via USB to your computer. The Lightening Selfie Case has a dimmer function. You can choose just how bright the light is. All you have to do is press down and hold the power button to either dim or brighten the lights.

Still curious? Watch it here!

One minor issue that can be fixed in the near future is how it’s pretty bulky. Despite this, the result of the light is amazing.

What are you waiting for? Start taking better selfies now with this Fashion Illuminated Led Lightening Selfie Case!

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