What To Wear on a Music Festival?

One of the best reasons why you should attend your first ever music festival is to experience extreme outdoor fun with your friends and dance in the electrifying beat while sipping your cold beer!

Yaaas! It must be a “YOLO” experience indeed!

Since it’s your first, you probably thinking what to wear on that “special day” because you don’t want to be left behind and look like an innocent newbie, right?

Here are some list of products you might include in your fashion inspiration for your first music fest experience.

Graffiti shirts

Music festivals usually held in open parks with a huge crowd so, it’s advisable to wear something  comfortable  yet, stylish like these Graffiti shirts:

Graffiti shirts

Go wild and crazy with these printed tees with vibrant colors and funky prints that are perfect for any theme of a music festival!


Keep your belongings organize and within reach at all times with these Korean Style Backpacks!

Korean Style Backpacks

Your whole night  will surely jampacked with nerve wracking  music that needs a good groove so, make sure that you avoid bringing handheld clutches and handbags that will make your hands occupied.


Color your hair without committing permanent change and grace the festival with a striking hair shades with these Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk for Girls

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk for Girls


Temporary tattoos have been around  for a long time, and we must admit that they give extra appeal on our party look!

Waterproof Unisex Animal Temporary Tattoo

Waterproof Unisex Animal Temporary Tattoo lets you enjoy different looks by having a variety of tattoo designs that matches your ensemble.


Show off a free-spirited look with these set of accessories! Remember that your total look needs some spice to highlight your inner festive aura!

Womens Accessories

And lastly, the most important thing to bring…nothing else but your SMILE!


Having  fun and spending time with your friends are perfect way to reconnect and strengthen your relationship with them.

By having all the these tips now you are more confident and prepared to attend your first ever Music Festival! Goodluck!