How to Identify Original Xiaomi Mi Band

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi officially released their third fitness tracker, Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Unlike its ancestors, the fitness tracker launches an LED touch screen module.

With Xiaomi’s popularity, it’s not surprising when people started making a replica of it as well. We often find ourselves buying from third party sellers, so how would we know if it’s original or fake?

Some people even claim that their products are authentic. The only means to guarantee it’s authentic is by buying.

Back to our question, how do you exactly identify an authentic Xiaomi Mi Band?

Mi bands from generations almost look the same, but they certainly made distinctive upgrades on their features compared to the past Mi bands.

Redditor Lex11180 posted a difference of Original Mi Band vs Fake, check out the photos here:

1. Genuine boxed will come sealed.

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake

2. Fake box has the black circle, possibly to denote strap color to manufacturer:

Xiaomi Box Real vs Fake

3. Fake box has a more yellowy sticker.

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake
4. Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake

Fake box has wonky sticker, real has logo printed on box

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake
5. The inside of a real box

6. The inside of a fake box.

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake
7. Fake has no logo on bottom

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake
8. The real one is the one on the top.

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake
9. The fake band has no writing on the band.

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake
10. Real band hole is tighter

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake
11. The real booklet has mi logo

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake
12. Real book was only in Chinese. Fake has poor translation and tells you to download fake “day day band” app.

This is because the fake Mi Band will not work with the official app, again another sign you have a fake.

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake
13. Genuine charger has smooth design with usb logo. Fake on right

Xiaomi Box Original vs Fake
Also, check out this video here:

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