Travel across the Lands with this Pokeball Power Bank!

Calling all Pokemon fans! Before you head out travelling across the lands, searching far and wide, be sure you’re battery sufficient with the Pokeball Power Bank!

Taking long walks just to hatch your 10 KM egg, catching Pokemons, or Pokemon Gym Hunting will certainly drain your battery. To complete your Pokemon essentials, it’s only logically to match it with something Pokemon-themed, right?

Pokeball Power Bank For Pokemon Go Dual USB External Battery 12000mah LED Light Fast Charger For Cosplay Games Pokemon Powerbank

Having a physical Pokeball can certainly add more “Poke-feel” when going on your journey to become a Pokemon Master.

Do we have to elaborate why you must own it? It’s only natural to have one when you’re a Pokemon fan. You need it in your life and you will definitely look cool while charging your phone.

This classic Pokeball Power Bank can power up a device up to 12,000 mAh at a diameter of 83 by 83 mm. It consists of two USB 3.0 port and a micro USB port, so you can charge your power bank, as well as charging your phone.

Check out a video of the Pokeball Power Bank by Pihiko. (Note that the video is in chinese, but it shows the unboxing and how it will look like when you use it, you get the idea.)

Product Description:

1. Brand new and high quality

2. Simple, compact, portable & fashionable design

3. Convenient to carry & durable

4. IC Protection for charging / overcharge / short circuit / discharge

5. Capacity: 12000mAH (Effective Capacity is 8000mAh)

6. Diameter: 83 mm

7. Material: Engineering plastic

8. Output: DC 5.0V, 1.5A (Max.)

9. Input: DC 5V, 1.5A (Max.)

10. Circle Time: ≥500 Times

11. Compatible: Supports all types of mobile phone, even with your own Dual USB charge cable.

Enjoy going to different lure parties and walking just so you can hatch your egg at ease, with the Pokeball Power bank.

Relive your Pokemon childhood with the classic design of the Pokeball. You’ll definitely look like a trainer! Are your pokegears ready? Complete it now and grab it the online gadget store Goods PH online shopping Philippines.