Rainy Day Outfit for Your Kids

With Typhoon Ferdie around the corner, are your kids geared enough? According to reports, there be bright light to moderate to occasionally heavy rains over the western section of Luzon, including Metro Manila, and the western section of Visayas.

Expect torrential downpours beginning Tuesday and make sure your kids are protected from the rain. How? Having the correct rainy day outfit for your kids will keep them from getting wet and sick from the heavy downpour.

Be sure you have prepared your kids some rain clothes to keep them protected by scrolling through these fun and colorful rainy day gears!

1. Free Size Bow Raincoat for Girls Kid’s Clothing Free Size Bow Raincoat for Girls Kid's Clothing

Keep your little princess fashionable and dry these coming days of heavy downpour with this cute raincoat. You can even choose a variety of colors: Yellow, Blue, and Red.

2. Non-slip Rubber Boots for Children Kid’s Shoes

Non-slip Rubber Boots for Children Kid's Shoes

Kids like to splash their fit on puddles. Don’t be afraid to let them play on little puddles with this non-slip rubber boots! These rubber boots are a cute way to protect their pretty little feet.

3. Cute Cartoon Girls and Boys Kid’s Backpack

Cute Cartoon Girls and Boys Kid's Backpack

Kids essentially need backpacks for their notebook and snacks. This cartoon backpack can definitely carry your little one’s essentials securely and cutely! You can even put his raincoat and umbrella perfectly!

4. White Double-Deck Organza Kids Baby Handkerchief

White Double-Deck Organza Kids Baby Handkerchief

Make sure to keep your baby dry by having something to wipe on. Whether your kid got his hands dirty, or wet, pack your kid with some white baby handkerchief.

It’s important to keep our kids healthy especially during times when it’s raining because they are vulnerable to different diseases.

Keep your kids dry and protected from the rain with these rainy day gears where you can only grab them at the online store Goods PH online shopping Philippines.