GU08 Bluetooth Smart Watch Review

Nowadays, watches not only tell time, but pretty much put most feature a phone can be found and done by just using watches, but just not an ordinary watch, but smart watches.

The GU08 is a generic square shaped but has a unique design with its round curves. The GU08 is stylish inspired with the Apple Watch but not showy and truly wearable.

The bind fits nicely but stiffer compared to the Apple Watch. It has a nice lock that fastens the rubber strap in place around your wrist. It’s about the size of an apple watch as well but only lighter.

GU08S Bluetooth smart watch for Android and iOS Wearables
The material is made out of stainless steel and TPU. Around the LCD is a shiny metallic gloss that doesn’t look entirely bad. With its design, even women can wear it.

The LCD of the display is made of quality plastic and it’s scratch resistant. The display is similar to the Apple Watch but the icons are different and it doesn’t rotate.

It can receive or make call from your cell phone. The touch screen feature is kind of stiff but it does its job. It also has ringtones and available for different languages.

Android phones support the following functions:
1.Massage/Phone records/Phone book/dial
2.Alarm clock/music/calculator/ Bluetooth
3.Power saving mode/calendar/Clock
4.Altimeter/Barometer/QQ/WeChat/ Water clock
5.The remote picture/Anti-theft/Sedentary remind/Stopwatch
6.Sleep monitoring/Mine-nurse/Pets/ pedometer.
7.Synchronize phonebook / SMS / call records

Apple phones support the following functions:

1.Synchronized call
6.Alarm clock
7.Anti-lost function


The APK “BT Notification” only support Android phone and it is not for iOS.

Check out this video here for the preview and durability test of the GU08 Bluetooth Smart watch.

The battery is small and lengthy enough to last 2 days on a standby time. It is fast and easy to charge a 230 mAh battery.

The GU08 in a nutshell is a standard smart watch that catches and gets your call with a feature of pedometer and alarm clock. It does its job to remind you when you need to wake up, take medicine or feed your pets.

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