Before and After: Goods.PH Online Shopping Philippines

Having a website is not an easy task, it requires development and maintenance. Establishing a website cannot be done overnight, it demands time to finally achieve its credibility and huge traffic, sometimes months, sometimes years.

To give you an idea of the development and maintenance of a website, here are some of the before and after improvements of Goods.PH Online Shopping Philippines over the past 2 years.


Before: The interface of Goods.PH Online Shopping Philippines was slow and the customers used to complain that they cannot sign-up or log on to the website.

After: The developer fixed the interface problem and the complaints have been reduced.


Old Goods PH

Before: The website’s design was mostly orange and a little white. The products were not in the right categories and there were lots of blank product descriptions.

New Goods PH

After: The color has been changed from mostly orange to mostly white, making it soothing for the eyes. Almost all of the products are now categorized in the right places and contains the proper product descriptions.

Loading Speed

Before: The website’s loading speed was very slow (10.938 Seconds).

After: The loading speed has spiked from very slow (10.938 Seconds) to fast (1.199 Seconds).


Before: Goods.PH Online Shopping Philippines had received hundreds of complaints from irate customers, they had complained about the website’s speed, log-in/sign-up problem, delivery time, etc.

After: The complaints have been literally lessened, receiving very few irate customers in a month.


Before: It was not easy to order due to slow speed of the website and the delivery time frame was 5-6 weeks upon order.

After: Ordering online is made easier and faster because the online store has started its own courier service. Delivery time frame has also shortened from 5-6 weeks to 3-4 weeks upon order.


Before: Goods.PH Online Shopping Philippines had launched a few promos and some of them were unsuccessful.

After: Goods.PH Online Shopping Philippines launches best deals and exciting promos in the online shopping industry now. In fact, the online store will release the newest ‘Goods Affiliate Program’ wherein anyone can join and earn extra income just by sharing the website’s products on their social media accounts.

Can you see that hardships in building a website now? Yes, it’s not easy but after you’ve achieved a successful site, whether it’s a blog site, an online shopping site or a social media site, you’ll realize that it was worth the effort.

We hope that the before and after improvements of Goods.PH Online Shopping Philippines have given you the right amount of inspiration. If you want to visit Goods.PH, click HERE!