Take Android Gaming to the Next Level with Ipega Bluetooth Gaming Control PG-9017

More and more games are becoming available in android and iOS. Though, most games just require for you to tap, some games don’t, including the classic ones are just not cut for android gaming because of the on-screen controls.

Games like the classic ones have more controls than an on-screen keys can provide. What’s more is that, your fingers and thumbs constantly block your view. The touch screen gameplay does not really give the gaming “feels” compared to when you’re playing using a joystick right?Ipega Bluetooth Controller PG-0917

Thanks to the innovation of technology that created a line of game controllers designed specifically for the use of android and iOS gaming.

Features of the IPEGA PG-9017

  • 4 modes of use: iCade, Mouse, Keyboard and Joystick (details later).
  • Bluetooth 3.0 (it works with older Bluetooth devices too).
  • 6~8 meters of wireless range (useful if the grip will not be used).
  • Compatible with iOS and Android tablets and smartphones (it worked on Windows 7 too).
  • Built-in lithium battery.
  • Buttons: A, B, X, Y, L, R, Select, Start and HOME.
  • Pads: one D-Pad and two Analogs (true analogs when in JOYSTICK mode).
  • Power saving mode when no use.
  • Material: plastic
  • Offered in two colors: black or white (links below).

If you’re going to connect it to your phone, the Ipega requires that your device is Android 3.1 or higher to support the analog sticks.

How do you connect the Ipega to your device? All you need is a device with a Bluetooth. However, due to android bugs, not every device will pair.

Below are steps how to connect the Ipega PG-9017 courtesy of infinityreviews:

Step 1: Make sure the Bluetooth gamepad is OFF (SEARCH LED should be off). If on, hold HOME button for a few seconds to turn it off.
Step 2: Attach the smartphone in the Bluetooth gamepad grip.
Step 3: Go to Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and turn on Bluetooth.
Step 4: Now, depending on the mode you want turn it on, hold down A, B, X or Y (details in the next section).
Step 5: Still holding one of those four buttons (ABXY), hold down HOME button for a few seconds until the SEARCH LED start blinking, which means the Android controller is on and searching for devices to pair.
Step 6: Now, release the pressed buttons, get back to the smartphone screen and click on the option to scan for Bluetooth devices. That option may be hidden depending on Android version, so maybe the MENU button of your smartphone can help.
Step 7: After finding the IPEGA PG-9017, your smartphone will list a new device: “Bluetooth Gamepad”.
Step 8: Touch this new item. A menu will popup asking for pair. Just confirm the pairing process and wait for conclusion.
Step 9: After successful pairing, wait again until your Android smartphone try to connect to Android gamepad automatically. If it fails, see note 1.
Step 10: After successful connecting (SEARCH LED will stay on and smartphone will mark this Android gamepad as connected), you are ready to try to use this Android gamepad with your game or emulator. If it fails connecting, see note 1.

The next part is to try to use IPEGA PG-9017 wireless Bluetooth controller with your game or emulator. Most of the retro emulators (for SNES, Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, Playstation, NES, Master System, Arcade, Neo Geo, etc.) allow you to configure a Bluetooth controller, at least in KEYBOARD mode. However, just a few Android games accept these Bluetooth controllers (currently), so you will have to try the modes until find something playable. By the way, make sure to unpair, turn off, turn on in other mode and pair again the IPEGA PG-9017 to avoid Bluetooth bugs. If Android do not unpair it in either way, reboot your smartphone.

Note 1: As we already mentioned, not every device will work with IPEGA PG-9017. If you are an unlucky whose smartphone failed to pair or connect to this Android gamepad, and you really want to use it, try to search for official or unofficial Android ROM’s, as it worked for their (infinityreviews) HTC Desire HD running Android 2.3.3.

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