Laptop: Do Not Use It on Your Lap!

Today’s people opt for something that is light and compact. Laptops can be brought along whether you are travelling or just want to lie down your bed.

While Laptops are very convenient and portable, and meant to be used on your lap, there are consequences enough to compromise your health.

While you may be enjoying the heat emanating from the laptop, it could be harmful to you. Here are reasons why:

Toasted Skin Syndrome. Laptops often heat up when under heavy or demanding use. (ie. Gaming) Exposure to this heat can cause a condition clinically know as Erythema Ab Igne or also known as ‘laptop thigh’ and ‘hot water bottle rash’.

The affected area develops a blotch pink or red rash. The condition develops depending on how frequently you use your laptop on your lap, and how often it gets excessively hot.

Male Fertility Risks. The fertility of the male is at risk because the scrotum is very fragile and adapted to remain at the same temperature in varying conditions. A laptop on your lap can cut off the air flow to that crucial area and trap the testicles near the heat your laptop generates.

Urologist Yelim Sheynkin advised Reuters that scrotal temperature can reach dangerous levels with just 10 to 15 minutes of exposure.

Lights Emitted By Comupter Screens Affect Sleep. The ability of the user to sleep properly is affected by the lights emitted by the computer. The artificial light at night time can mess with the chemicals in the brain that induces sleep.

To minimize health risks associated with using your laptop on your lap, you may use a laptop table that can be used even while you’re on the bed. You no longer have to endure the heat emanating from your laptop!

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