5 Things You Only Need to Have in Your Wallet

Wallets tend to be bulky with all the expired coupons, empty gift cards and old business cards. It’s time to clean your wallet and check our list of five things you only need to have in your wallet.

Your wallet should be an organizational tool. So scroll through the necessary items you need to keep close, plus some extra items that you might want to have on hand.


1.  Cash. It’s always a good idea to have a little cash on your wallet. You may need it for an emergency, extra tip, or for unnecessary purchases. (It’s okay, it happens)

2. Your ID for work. It’s best to keep your ID inside your wallet since you use it regularly. It’s also easy to have identification in case you get into an accident or you have to go somewhere that requires a valid identification.

3. Credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards. Scan through which are still being used and which should be taken out of your wallet to lessen the space being taken.

It’s necessary to keep at least one debit card and two credit cards in case your wallet is lost or stolen. In one hand, identifying which credit cards will benefit you in the long term is important. Retail credit cards, on the other hand are better left at home.

4. Insurance Card. Medical emergencies and traffic accidents happen so suddenly. That’s why you have to bring your insurance for proof.

5. Your Beep Card. If you hate waiting in a line to get your ticket, and you use the LRT or MRT often to and from work or school, you’ll want to have your card handy.

“When it comes to your wallet,less junk means more control. So take control of your life and your money by straightening up the way you handle both.” You may even find that long-lost hundred peso somewhere!

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