How Hitting the Snooze Continuously Will Screw Up Your Day

Those stolen minutes – are not as worth it as they seem. The amount of sleep you get never feels like enough. That’s when the snooze becomes your best friend.

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Why this can feel so good: Your body has a number of mechanisms to prepare you to wake up and get moving. One of these is turning up your core temperature, which makes you more alert and less sleepy. Sleep Specialist Rafael Pelayo, MD, at Standford University Sleep Medicine Center said this happens about two hours before the body feels ready to wake up.

Why this can be bad: If you’re not getting enough sleep, your alarm clock is going off while your temp is still in the deep-sleep range. The air in your bedroom feels punishingly cold; your body feels cozier than ever.

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Behavioral Scientist Dan Ariely wrote in a Wall Street Journal, snoozing just to get more sleep doesn’t just make your morning routine more chaotic; it actually messes with your mind making each morning wakeup harder than it needs to be.

Hitting “snooze” disturbs this mental link. Ariely claims, “Our bodies get a confused message: You hear the beeping and get up, often times we hear it and stay put for 10 more minutes or later.

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What you should do: Tired of waking up feeling exhausted? Hitting the snooze at 6 AM may seem enticing, but the snooze buttons- can disrupt the sleep cycle which leads to less restful sleep.

GET. MORE. SLEEP. Instead of compromising your sleep as it makes you more restless, train yourself to get out of the bed the moment the alarm sounds.

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