Goods PH Explains Pre-Order

Have you ever experienced waiting for your order that never seem to come at your doorstep? It’s been weeks and your order still hasn’t come.

Don’t cancel your order yet! It may be because what you ordered is a pre-order.

What is Pre-order

When you buy an item online, you expect them to arrive at your doorstep the next day. However there are orders that come at a later date – and that is pre-order.

Understanding Pre-ordered Items

Pre-ordered items are purchased product or service that will be delivered at a later date. You must have a lot of patience and understand that your order will be late.

Conditions of Pre-ordered items

There are reasons why items are pre-ordered.

1. The item you order is out of stock
2. The item you ordered will be coming from abroad

Pre-ordered items can be a long waiting game, but the items you ordered are surely worth it, but if you don’t want pre-ordered items, confirm it to Goods PH customer service.

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