‘Anti-Gravity’ Sticky Case for Your iPhone!

With smart phones being the biggest thing, smart phone accessories are being invented for the convenience of the users.

Inventors have gone from light-up phone case to ‘Anti-Gravity’ sticky phone case, where you can stick your phone to windows, kitchen cabinets, mirrors, glasses, and other surfaces for hands-free use.

Why would you need it? It takes a little imagination for you have a need for this kind of phone case.

Whether it’s for watching football games while in the bathroom, or doing your makeup, taking a selfie hands-free, taking video calls or even looking at recipes on YouTube while cooking, the idea is limitless!

Related image

Related image

The surface at the back of the ‘anti-gravity’ sticky phone is nano-suction technology which provides grip so it’s able to stick to almost any surface.

The ‘Anti Gravity’ sticky  iPhone cases is handy if you often do a lot of hand’s free activities.

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