Unique Ideas for Valentine’s 2017

People are now making plans as Valentine’s Day is just around next week. You can do different activities on this day with your family and loved one and make the day special. It’s one of the most celebrated occasion every year where most people are looking forward.

Whether you’re forever alone or in a relationship, Valentine’s day is still something you shouldn’t miss. Sure, love is everywhere, but it doesn’t mean it’s only celebrated by couples, so why not step out and enjoy the day?

In case you want to make your day extraordinary than just receiving  Valentine’s day card or a chocolate box, we laid out some unique activities you should try this Valentine’s Day!

Be A Volunteer

Date a Kid 2017

Photo courtesy of Date a Kid

Instead of the usual dinner date or doing something romantic, why not be a blessing to other people by giving love? There are a lot of volunteering events this February that is something you should never miss! Instead of looking for a date this Valentine’s Day, why not date a kid?

Watch Wicked Manila

Wicked Manila

Photo courtesy of Rappler

The Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz is a theatrical play of the classic Wizzard of Oz tagged as “one of the greatest musicals of our time” has started to cast a magical spell over Manila audiences since February 2 and until March, 2017.

This musical is something you should never miss even if you’re not a fan of theatrical plays. Catch this “Wicked” which proved lovelier the second time around until March 21 at the Theatre at Solaire.

Spend Time with Family

You’ve probably taken your girlfriend out a lot of times for Valentine’s day. Why not date your mom or dad instead? Since hearts day isn’t just about being with your special someone, treating your parents can deepen your relationship with them.

There are various ways to spend your Valentine’s day. These unique ideas will surely add a twist to your special day this February 14. Make the most of the day and spend it with people who care the most.

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