“Your time is valuable. Invest it wisely, don’t throw it away.” says Mr. Shipman

Often times, we don’t count the time and make the seconds that pass count. We love to dawdle at our phones scrolling through Facebook newsfeed, binge watching our favorite shows on a good weekend,  or staying mad over something that upset us.

What’s wrong with that? Well, time is something so precious because once it’s wasted, it cannot be turned back. We stumbled upon a Facebook post by Kyle Shipman when he raised a question to his students.

Mr. Shipman is a teacher from Illinois, United States. His post garnered over 11,000 likes and almost 30,000 shares. Perhaps a lot of people want to inform people to value time don’t day?

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If you had $86,400.00 and someone stole $10.00 from you, would you throw away the $86,390.00 you still have to try and get your $10.00 back? Or would you just let it go?

They all said they would let it go.

Then I told them, you have 86,400 seconds every single day and I believe time is much more valuable than money. You can always work for more money, but once a second passes you can never get it back. Every time someone upsets us, it probably took 10 seconds, so why do we throw away the other 86,390 seconds worrying about it or being upset.

We all admitted that we’ve made this mistake before and we decided it is time to start letting the little things go.

They also later discussed what if it was 10 cents. If you had $864.00 and they stole 10 cents, would you throw away $863.90 to get 10 cents back. The moral is, your time is valuable. Invest it wisely, don’t throw it away.

We should not be spending our days staying upset over the little things, it’s better to invest each second on something more important. But, what if it’s the trivial matters? It’s up to you how you will spend it.

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