WATCH: Marc Mero’s Powerful Speech About His Mom Will Bring You to Tears

We often take our loved ones for granted. We disregard the things they do for us, and always think that they will always be there for us all through our life time.  You don’t realize what you had until it’s gone.

Marc Mero, a former professional wrestler talked about the love his mother had for him during a Mother’s day presentation in 2014, leaving most viewers emotional and in tears.

His message, which can be seen on YouTube and garnered over 14 million views and positive reviews, focused on the love his mother gave him. Mero elaborated to students the wrong path he took in life which you can watch below:

Mero talked about how much he didn’t appreciate his mother being there for him when he was young. He shut away his life from his mother and went out to drink and overdose on drugs with the wrong people.

All she wanted was to talk to his son, but the former wrestler shunned his mother away. He was filled with regret and realization of how important his mother was. “Everything I am, everything I hoped to be was because of you,” Mero said.

He concluded his speech by sharing the lesson he learned. He urged the students in the auditorium to be “kinder to each other” and “stop with the name-calling and hurting other people.”

“I learned what is truly important, and that is how precious this gift of life is, and how quickly it could be quickly taken away,” Mero said. “I’m not worried about tomorrow. It’s not what’s in your pocket that matters; it’s what in your heart that truly matters.”

“I’m dedicating the rest of my life to helping young people know that there’s hope in this world,” Mero said on the organization’s website. “Anyone can achieve their goals and dreams if they choose to believe!”

Learn to appreciate the people around you and what they do to you. It’s important to make healthy and positive choices in life.

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