Don’t get pied and get even with the Pie Face Game!

Who says board games are lame?

Long before smart phones were created, board games were there to entertain friends and families at reunions and parties.  As technology developed, these educational yet awesome toys were easily replaced with online and mobile games. But obviously, nothing beats these good old classic toys in giving fun to kids and even kids-at-heart!

That’s why toy companies took a leap of faith in adding quirky twists to the traditional board games that millennials would surely love.

So ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves and your faces with this exhilarating Pie Face Game!

Pie Face Game Complete Set

The Rules

There’s only one objective that this game has and that is to maintain your face clean as the whole game ends.  Just add a generous amount of whipped cream on its throwing arm to add some suspense and fun.

Each of the players should put their faces on the pie thrower as they determine their fate on the spinner.  The mystery spinner will dictate the number of turns that a certain player should do on the pie thrower handle.  Each point will be credited for every safe turn. This means that you have to survive each turn without getting pie-faced! The one who earns 25 points in the whole duration of the game would be declared as the winner.

Kids playing the Pie Face

The Twist

Here’s an evil twist that everyone talks about.  The probability of getting the whipped cream smacked on your face is very unpredictable.  So make sure to cross your fingers and say a little prayer before your turn because you’ll never know what might happen next!


The Showdown

Bring the excitement to the next level and show your opponents what you’ve got! The Pie Face Showdown doubles the thrill by adding another face slot on the pie thrower.  Now that’s what you call hitting two faces with just one pie!

Pie Face Showdown


The Verdict

It’s time for you to ditch your smart phones just for a while and experience the unique joy that the Pie Face game brings to everyone around the world.  It’s very easy to assemble and fun to play with.  There’s no reason for you to wonder why everyone is getting crazy over this toy!  The Pie Face  is truly the perfect game choice for any occasions and for all ages.

Grab one now before it runs out! You can purchase the Pie Face and the Pie Face Showdown on this Online Store Ph.