Unleash The Inner Kikay In You With This Cute Selfie Stick

Taking selfies are made easier with the invention of “monopods”. Whether it is wired or Bluetooth-connected, these one-of-a-kind “selfie sticks” are everyone’s best friend in capturing Instagram-worthy pictures while on travel.

Unfortunately, majority of these magical sticks are quite plain-looking and bulky to carry.

So why not switch to a new one and show your feminine side with this cute Mini Lipstick Selfie Stick!

Lipstick Selfie Stick (actual size)


With its stylish design, ladies could stay fabulous and make a statement!

This mighty monopod is lightweight and portable. In fact, it only weighs 150 grams and has a folded length of 6.5 inches, making it flawlessly fit on your purse. But do not underestimate this small but mighty monopod because it is undeniable efficient too! Aside from being compatible to both Apple and Android phones, this chic selfie-stick could be connected via Bluetooth or through its built-in wire and take photos instantly! It even has a built-in shutter button for and easier capturing experience.

Parts of Lipstick Selfie Monopod

It can also be extended up to 61.5 cm so finding the perfect angle for your selfie will never be a problem with this monopod.

Just a little reminder:  If you want to connect your phone via Bluetooth, don’t forget to charge this little fella for a longer battery life.

Lipstick Selfie Stick

Perfect for kikay girls who are always on the go, this selfie-stick is definitely your ultimate mobile photography bestie!

So what are you waiting for? Stocks are just limited so grab one now and browse for more Selfie Sticks on this Online Store in the Philippines!