Beat the heat with these cute inflatables!

We’ve seen it from Taylor Swift’s pool party and even with supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. No, it’s not a chic pair of sunnies, a sexy bikini or a straw brim hat; it’s actually the latest summer trend that everyone is talking about. It’s none other than these cute inflatables!

As PAG-ASA just announced, it will definitely get warmer as the summer season comes. Are you ready to beat the heat on the beach and swim in the crystal clear ocean or pools? Then you better see these pool floats that you will need for your summer escapades!

Inflatable Pineapple Bed

You may not be SpongeBob who lives in a pineapple under the sea but you can use this Inflatable Pineapple Bed while you get tanned under the sun. Both suitable for indoor pools and outdoor beaches, this bright yellow floating bed is definitely a steal!


Pizza Floater

This Giant Pizza Floater is perfect for those pizza lovers who can’t resist the popular Italian dish! Stand out from the rest and float in a bed of pepperoni, mushroom, peppers and black olives. It also comes with 2 convenient cup holders that can contain your favorite refreshments.  Throw an exciting pool party in your backyard just like Hollywood celebrities do by tying multiple pizza floaters together to make a whole pizza pie!


Inflatable Pretzel

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then show your love for sweet treats on water with this adorable Inflatable Pretzel Bed! Don’t be afraid to lay on it comfortably while getting a tan under the sun.


Rainbow Unicorn Floater

Turn your childhood fantasy into reality and tag your besties while sharing a ride on this Inflatable Rainbow Unicorn! This creature will definitely be your whimsical companion either in the ocean or in the pool.


Pink Flamingo Floater

Unleash your inner Katy Perry and be pretty in pink with this Pink Flamingo Floater! This unique inflatable is made out of durable materials that could carry 2 adults for over 400 lbs.


These floaters are definitely your summer besties so you better grab one before it runs out!

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