Shoot like a Pro in your New iPhone with these Clip Lenses

Making the most out of your new iPhone’s camera can be quite challenging.

Various shooting modes may be available on its Camera app but we have to admit that DSLR cameras are still every photographer’s best friend. However, new iPhones are more convenient and handy than these bulky cameras. This pushed photography enthusiasts and even digital junkies to switch from traditional photography to mobile photography.

But we all know that camera lenses are the ones who make magic in capturing your moments. If your pictures aren’t good enough then you aren’t completely close enough in your goal of storing good memories through just one click.

Unleash the maximum potential of your iPhone’s camera with these universal clip lenses that will make you shoot like a pro!

Wanted to shoot some detailed landscapes but you don’t have a zoom lens? Then this Universal 12X Zoom Telescope Lens is here to the rescue! Taking photos on a longer distance and making a broader perspective is now easier with its optical zoom lens and 60 degrees wide-view angle. You can even focus manually like a DSLR camera on this specific lens with its ergonomic design! It also comes with a free metal tripod that allows your phone to shoot in a stable manner. Now, that’s what you call a super lens!Universal 12X Zoom Telescope Lens


If you want to be stylish yet efficient in being a mobile photographer, then this Universal Mobile Phone Telescope with 8x Zoom Lens is perfect for you! Capture photos in style with its monochromatic colors of black and white that will truly match your new iPhone! All you have to do is clip it through your phone’s camera and to magnify your subject up to 8 times and start doing wonders!

Universal Mobile Phone Telescope with 8x Zoom Lens in White


Universal Mobile Phone Telescope with 8x Zoom Lens in Black


Pursuing your passion in photography doesn’t need to break a bank. Start seeing the world behind the lens by investing on these awesome mobile clip lenses!

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